It's Time to Elect a NEW MUD 12 Board

Yes, we are hearing the voices of the citizens 

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Eve Bertrams -- John Prince--Eric Moeller 

Every Saturday 11 am -3 pm we have a Meet & Greet at Exercise Park on Neptune/Ling

Our Mission Statement

Provide high quality water and wastewater treatment at the most economical rates through experienced management oversight in an open, responsible and environmentally sound approach while being true public servants responding to the input of the community and interests of each resident we serve.

Our Goals for the Future

Future bonds will involve community input from town halls so that the bond proposals are reasonable and accurate to the specific scope of work.

Assemble a Navigational Waters sub-committee that will reach out to the many governmental bodies available for funding of the canals and hire an experienced grant writer.

Implement a Maintenance Management Strategy with proactive education and training that will maximize our resources and minimize loss and waste.

Provide customer with detailed bill each month reflecting actual usage, rates per gallon and other costs.

Streamline all expenditures where possible.


Community classes with speakers from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) .

Quarterly Newsletter "What's Happening at MUD 12" available on the MUD 12 website.