Gloria “Eve” Bertrams

MUD 12 Candidate for Position #1


I am a team player who accepts responsibility squarely and always goes the extra mile with true concern for my colleagues and community.

In 1970, Leonard L. Locascio, my father, built the home I live in today.   I began visiting and enjoying Bayou Vista at age 22 and became a permanent resident in 2007.   

I served on MUD 12 Citizens Committee in 2011, Bayou Vista, Texas I worked with TCEQ staff to identify the reason the water was unusable because of the odor and taste.  The TCEQ solved the problem by testing the purchased water and well water and explained the correct testing and balance of chemicals needed to correctly mix the water. 

I served on the Grand Jury for three months, 2016 Galveston, Texas I gained insight into the workings of the district’s criminal courts and gained valuable knowledge of our legal system. I received a certificate of service.  

Treasurer Camp Logan Civic Club 1998, Houston. I was responsible for the collection of resident membership dues each year and carrying a balance to cover neighborhood events and a 24/7 Security surveillance driver.  

Entrepreneur -2003-to Date I built and currently manage a successful Realty Rental business in Houston, Tx. 

I.T. Certification, 2003 Univ. North Texas State, Dallas Texas Two year program for Texas Certification in all phases of I.T. uses and management in schools.  

Master of Ed. Administration, 2000 Univ. of St. Thomas, Houston, Tx. My degree programs prepared me to become a principal and to supervise all phases of personnel and property management as well as meeting student, parent needs and state requirements. 

Science Museum of Houston 2000-’09 I prepared & organized science lessons for students enrolled in summer camp.  I provided hands-on experience using chemical reactions and practical scientific knowledge for the participants. 

Advanced Academics instructor I conducted in-depth Fine Art classes for 25yrs. at Eisenhower International Baccalaureate School.  The International Baccalaureate program advances students’ ability to become dedicated, life long bilingual and biliterate learners through a rigorous and broad curriculum of advanced achievement. I was selected as Teacher of the Year 1999.

 Investment Banking 1980-’85 First Interstate Edge Act Bank, Houston I advised clients of investment opportunities and sound investment practices.


 Basic Water & Wastewater Certificates, Galveston Community    College, 2018 

 I.T. Technology, North Texas State Univ., Dallas, 2003  Masters of Ed. Administration, 2000,

 St. Thomas University,   Houston, Texas  Bachelor of Science, 1972, University of Houston, Houston, Texas