Omega Bay Raw Sewage Spill running down the streets

600 gallons of Raw sewage on top of the manhole, rocks and flowing down to the canal


5/21/17 Sunday

A Omega Bay homeowner called the MUD 12 emergency number about raw sewage leaking from a culvert cover. The answering service could not contact the on call Tech. The homeowner  called back 2 hr later and the answering service said no one was answering and they will keep trying till someone answers. Someone finally answered 5 hrs later and told them they will look at it tomorrow. If this is the response we get when there is a issue you can see why our current system is in “bad shape”.

No barrier was setup to control the raw sewage flooding. A barrier would have aided in the clean up and disinfectant of spillage. Next two days of heavy rain washed the raw sewage down street edges, garden curbing, storm water drainage, and eventually to the canal system..

 TCEQ # 258803 


Sewage running along the rocks to the canal