Omega Bay Tap water on left : Filtered Water on right

Wow - which water do you want to drink over a year


Water shown (left bottle) was in accumulator before first stage filter with particulate that was too large to pass into the first stage filter. Water (right bottle) is water in second stage accumulator after first stage filtering. After letting the dirty water settle, the heavy particulates settled to the bottom of sample.


Pictures below are samples extracted the same as above in August 2017, after 4 months of service of complete filter change in April 2017. Note even more collection of dirt in 4 months of service versus 12 month sample.

What's lurking in your water!

12 months old on Left and New Filter on Right


First stage filter as in the first stage accumulator, note the tree ring effect of gradient particulate is removed in the filter cross section. Comparison of one year used filter to new replacement filter.


MY Home Water Filter System


Whole home water filter system 2 stage multi gradient fiber/catalytic carbon “the Perfect Water model KDF85/Catalytic Carbon”. Self installed April 2016, total installed cost $500.00. First annual filter change April 2017. Replacement filters cost $200.00.